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In Manjaro Linux: WORKS GREAT! :)
Very good game!

We just discussed your game on our podcast! Come check us out!

Episode 14: Racing Games


Really good game but it is really to hard for me (can't finish race 4

Yea, I think I made it too difficult for many people. The later levels/races get even harder, with more jumps and obstacles! Sorry.


A little bit of color correction would help the graphical feel :)  A more details player ship with PBR textures and a shadow would be good too.

Thanks for the constructive feedback! Been thinking about adding other vehicles with different types of controls. Would definitely improve the models then too.  Thanks again!


Really wonderful, pretty game! 

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This game is beautiful, challenging and insanely fast! Once you get a feel and the lay of the land it's a ton of fun! The electronic music is great to listen to too. I highly recommend!


Thanks Dot! Your videos are always entertaining and insightful! ;)


This game is visually beautiful! Amazing terrain and the music is really good too. I crashed the ship a LOT at first but started getting the hang of it pretty fast.

You can download the music now if you really like it! I also added a new starter map that is less difficult, so new players have more time to get familiar with the controls. Thanks for your feedback and support!